Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cincinnati Ben-Gals - 2 more inductees into the Hall of Fame

I'd like to welcome 2 rookie Ben-Gals to the 2009 squad - Laura and Elizabeth. As soon as they cheer in their first game, they go straight into the Huge Cheerleaders Hall of Fame. Both have upgraded to extra large in that all-important area.

Laura appears to be about 40 years old, with hair as blonde, and boobs as fake looking, as any adult film star out there. I think she's got like 1% body fat, and her boobs seem to start up by her neck for some reason. I'm 43, so I absolutely love women this age. Currently my favorite NFL cheerleader.

Elizabeth is much much younger than Laura, and her implants have a totally different shape. I should know, I've spent hours comparing photos. I really enjoy the perfect circularity and how they squeeze together in the center to form fantastic cleavage. And I remember seeing bleach blonde permed hair exactly like that at Motley Crue and Poison concerts in the 80's metal heydays.

Go to the Cincinnati Bengals website and check out the cheerleaders photo section.

In particular:
Action / On Field - Ben-Gals at Training Camp 2009 - photo 34 (Laura).
Off Field - 2009 Ben-Gals Gallery - photos 75 through 78 (Elizabeth).
Off Field - 2009 Ben-Gals Gallery - photos 163 through 169 (Laura).

And here is also a great picture of Elizabeth at si.com.

update 2009-10-20:
another of Laura
another of Laura

another of Elizabeth

There are a few other Ben-Gals that are also huge, but not quite huge enough for me. They could make an All-Star team, but not my Hall of Fame, maybe I'll blog about them in a future post...

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