Friday, September 11, 2009

Chivas Girl - My first entry into the Hall of Fame...

This girl is the Babe Ruth or Micheal Jordan of Cheerleading. These implants are by far the biggest I've seen on a cheerleader, I don't know how she can get off the ground. I don't think you can buy implants this big in the USA, she might have gone to Brazil or someplace to get them. Her boobs are like 10 times the size of her arms, I really love this look. A perfect 10 in my book. Sadly, she left the Chivas Girls after only 2 years of cheering (2005 and 2006), I sincerely hope she did not injure her back. Gone but never to be forgotten. If someone hears anything about her life after Chivas, leave a comment...

I'm sure you can still find more pics of her, if you try a Bing image search for Chivas Cheerleader.

Thank You Wade Jackson of YCJ for taking this picture

And many thanks to you Andy Meade of YCJ for taking this one


  1. I actually went out with her during her time as a Chivas girl. Her boobs looked awesome, but they were hard as a rock. It was a turn off during sex.

    1. Then what is her name?? If you know her sooo well